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2018 Events

All winter sorts are "weather permitting."  In the Winter Series we will run the One Man sort and the Summer Series we will run the round robin.  Both will have a 10 and 6 division.   We will add some more sorts later in the year.

Jan. 12- February 3rd                               Fort Worth Stock Show
Jan 31-Feb 2nd                                         National Cattleman's Conv. Phoenix
Feb. 7-24th, 2018                                     San Antonio Stock Show
February 24th @ 11:00                             Winter Series First Sort
February 25th                                           The American Rodeo Finals, TX
March 11th @ 11:00                                 Winter Series
March 30-April 1st                                     Chris Cox Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ
April 28th @ 11:00                                    Winter Series
June 30th @ 10:00                                    Summer Series Sort begins
July 15th @ 10:00                                     Summer Series
August 11 @ 10:00                                   Summer Series
September 16th @ 10:00                          Summer Series
October 6th @ 10:00                                 PINK SORT & Silent Auction

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