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2018 Events

The SUMMER BUCKLE SERIES will continue till November.    We will have several practice/ smaller events prior to the start of it as well.

August 19 @ 10:00                                   Rifle Sorting
August 25th @ 10:00                                Gunnison Sorting 3 Man/2Gate
September 7th @ 2:00 p.m.                     3 Man/2Gate held in conjunction with
the Mountain States Ranch Rodeo @ the Montrose Fairgrounds
September 15th @ 10:00                          Summer Series, Montrose
Sept. 30th @ 10:00                                   Rifle Sorting
October 6th @ 10:00                                 PINK SORT & Silent Auction and 
                                                                    Saddle Sort, Montrose
October 21st @ 10:00                               Rifle Sorting
November 3rd @ 10:00                             Summer Series Final Sort, Montrose

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