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2020 Buckle Standings

Below are the standings after 3 Series Sorts.  Remember that you must attend 5 out of the 6 Sortings to be eligible.  For those who have won money but already missed at least 2 sorts you may or may not be listed on page.  This is an "unofficial" standing and all will be re-calculated prior to the awards given out.   This year we will count the 3 Man/2 Gate Sort towards the awards as we had planned to count the Mountain States Ranch Rodeo Sort which was cancelled this year.


Shawnita Caswell                     $132.00
Pete Degraw                             $190.00
Katee Denham                          $266.00
Heidi Hill                                    $372.00
Ginger Latham                          $312.00


Shawnita Caswell                    $131.00
Donnie Denham                       $144.00
Heidi Hill                                   $144.00
Bob Knight                                $461.00
Ginger Latham                          $87.00
Christi McCroy                          $87.00
Kelly Porter                               $249.00
Donner Tevis                            $131.00


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