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2020 Events

All Sorts listed below except Sept. 4/5 will be held at our place in Montrose.  We plan to run several 3 Man/2 Gate Sorts this year.  The Mountain States Ranch Rodeo Sort will count towards the Summer Series.  In order to be eligible for any awards you must attend 5 out of the 6 series sorts.  We also hope to go to PRE-ENTER for all the sorts so there will be no lag time between each event as well as it helps us know how many cattle to haul, number, etc.  Please call Heidi if you have any questions, etc. (970) 724-9402

 July 11th will be 4-H Open Show at Christy McRoy's
July 18th 4-H Show @ Montrose Event Center with hp Cattle
July 19th @ 900 Buckle Series Sorting, Montrose
August 1st  @ 900 4th of the Buckle Series Sorting, Montrose
August 15th @ 900 3 Man/2 Gate Sorting, Montrose
August 30th Montrose Fair Mustang Show; relocated to the Ouray County Fairgrounds
Sept. 4-5th Montrose Event Center.  Times TBA  Should start on the 4th around 1:00.  Finals on the 5th around 3:00.  This event will count towards the Year-End Buckle Series
October 3rd @ 1100 10th Annual Tough Enough to Wear Pink & the Final Buckle Series Sort for the Summer 2020


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