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Series Standings 2019

The 2019 SUMMER BUCKLE SERIES is underway. The calendar may change and we will do our best to notify you as early as possible with any changes.  Remember that to be eligible for the final awards you must compete at 5 out of the 6 sortings.  If someone has already missed 2 sorts there winning amounts will probably not be listed.  These results are Not Official and prior to the last sort I will go back through all the results to figure standings.  

Results from the August  sort:

Go-round:  Matt Hill & Heidi Hill
1st Average:  Matt Hill & Raymond Ray
2nd Average:  Matt Hill & Morrill Griffith

Go-round:  Katee McCollum & Lisa Dicamillo
1st Average:  Bob Knight & Katee McCollum
2nd Average:  Donnie Denham & Emily Clark

Go-round and Average winners 
 Laurie Vagneur & Terry ConGease

#12 Standings

Cheryl Yaws             507
Heidi Hill                   497
Matt Hill                     813
Katie McCollum        262         
Raymond Ray          438
Morrill Griffith            190

#9 Standings

Emilee Clark             649
Heidi Hill                    425
Lisa Dicamillo            438
Morrill Griffith             408
Cheryl Yaws              255
Katie McCollum        564
Raymond Ray            153
Bob Knight                  282
Donnie Denham        341
Laurie Vagneur           117
Janice Oatman           102
Matt Hill                       30
Tory Hill                       30

#5 Standings

Diana Gore                 486
Wyatt Wollaston          205
Bob Knight                  198
Terry Vongease          144
Grace Delany             160
Laurie Vagneur           272

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