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Summer Series Results

October Summer Series Results:

Round Robin
1st:  Matt Hill
2nd: Lisa Dicamillo
3rd:  Kelly Porter

#10 Division
Go Round:  Terry VonGease & Heather Braslin
1st:  Bob Knight & Mallory Johnson
2nd  Heather Braslin & Terry VonGease
3rd   Lisa Dicamillo & Matt Hil

#6 Division
Go Round:  Zen Greenlee & Terry VonGease 
1st:   Emily Clark & Lexi
2nd:  Val Hudson & Janice Oatman 
3rd:   Denise Little & Jayden Braslin

Summer Series Standings for High Money Awards:   If you have missed more than
One sort you are probably not listed as that disqualifies you for awards.  Results are Unofficial and will be double checked after final sort. 

#10 Division

Kelly Porter                       $569
Heidi Hill                           $200
Bob Knight                        $600
Matt Hill                             $394
Laurie Vagneur                  $25

#6 Division

Will  Hill                              $160
Terry VonGease                 $160
Val Hudson                         $109
Janice Oatman.                  $199
Denise Little.                       $72
Bob Knight                         $105

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