Upcoming Events

All of the events listed below are at our place unless specified otherwise. Schedule is subject to change due to weather, etc.  In order to be eligible for the year-end Series Awards you must compete at 5 of the 6 events listed. All of the buckle series sorts will have a One Man, an Open, a #9. All Divisions are $35 a ride except the Ranch Rodeo Sort will be $45 per ride.

Sept. 22/23rd Ranch Rodeo Sort, Time TBA, Montrose Event Center 1:00 PM
September 29-30th CO Pro Rodeo Finals, Montrose Event Center
October 7th Trail & Cattle Drive Challenge, Sort @ Gunnison
October 14th hp Touch Enough to Wear Pink Sort @ Montrose @ 10:30
November 9-12th Working Ranch Cowboys Ranch Rodeo Finals, Amarillo, TX
December 7-16th National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas, NV

2023 Summer Buckle Series Standings

To be eligible for the summer year end awards you must ride at 5 out of the 6 2 Man Ranch Sortings. Some individuals who have won money but missed more than one event may or may not be listed in the standings. If there is an *by the riders names it indicates that have missed one sort at this time. Prior to awarding the Year-end Buckles we will again go through each sort to confirm the winnings. The below listed results are "unofficial" at this time.

Mike P. $412
Laura M. $459
Heidi H. $496
Phebe P $30
Jessica Hoyt $105
Jessica Hoyt is declared the Open 2023 Hi Money Buckle Winner
Heidi H. $748
Shawn K $350
Phebe $323
Jessica M. $150
Morrill $140

Winners of the 2023 Summer Buckle Series