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Weather Permitting we plan to have a 2 man Ranch Sorting Practice this Sunday starting at 1:00.  This is a great time to learn some sorting skills, tune-up your horse, beginners are Welcome.  Cost is only $25.00 per person.  For those interested we will do a small Jackpot following the practice.  Please reserve your spot by Saturday afternoon by texting, calling or emailing Heidi (970) 724-9402.

The 2019 schedule is listed and we hope to do the 2 2018 make-up sorts on March 23rd and April 6th.  If either of these dates are rained/snowed out we will again try to sort on April 13th.  

PLAN NOW to attend the 2019 Mountain States Ranch Rodeo & Sorting.  It will be held @ the Montrose Event Center on FRIDAY, Sept. 6th and the Finals will be on Saturday, Sept. 7th.  This gives you plenty of time to plan for the days off!  We hope to have some great prizes and possible added money!

  Heidi has a new phone number of (970) 724-9402!

A Big Thank You to Laurie Vagneur for setting up the Facebook page.  Please check out the site at www.facebook.com/HP-Ranch-Sorting-947524975281900/timeline/
Laurie works for Farmer's Insurance and she really helped us out with our insurance needs; you want a quote please give her a call at 970-963-7277.
  Remember that NO DOGS are allowed at our facility as our insurance will not cover our events with them on our property.  Also, no glass  in the pasture/sorting areas please.

Directions to our place:  From Townsend Avenue, take Main Street West out of town and it will turn into Spring Creek Mesa.  Take Spring Creek Mesa to 6000 Road and turn right, go about 1/4 mile and the first intersection (dirt road) is Miami, IF you have a small trailer (4 horses) and turn in driveway behind the house.  For easier access if you have a long trailer (bigger than a 4 horse) please turn into the driveway by the large 2 story green house.  This driveway is just north of the Miami entrance on 6000 Road.  Parking for the sorting is in the pasture or by the arena. Questions:  call Heidi at (970) 724-9402 or email at hpcowhorses@yahoo.com

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