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Summer Saddle Series starts this Saturday @ 9:00 a.m. in Montrose.  Please PRE-ENTER your teams by Thursday with Heidi so we can run the sort quickly.  For those who enter all their teams by the deadline you will be entered to win a free $25 entry fee!!!!  Remember that NO DOGS are allowed at our facility for insurance purposes! 

We will be doing a 2018 Summer Saddle Series in conjunction with the Rifle Sorts.  The dates, times and locations are finalized and are posted on the Event page.   There will be 4 sorts in Rifle and 4 sorts in Montrose.  To be eligible for any of the awards you Must attend a minimum of 3 sorts at Each location.  Saddles will be given out for High Money Sorter in the #12, #9 and #5 divisions.  There will also be a Hi-Money buckle awarded to the #1 sorter in the #5 Division.  All sorters will be numbered the same at each sorting and if you need to be rated please give either Heidi Hill or Sam Bevan a call.  If you disagree with your number let us know and we will do our best to work with you. 

  Heidi has a new phone number of (970) 724-9402!

A Big Thank You to Laurie Vagneur for setting up the Facebook page.  Please check out the site at www.facebook.com/HP-Ranch-Sorting-947524975281900/timeline/
Laurie works for Farmer's Insurance and she really helped us out with our insurance needs; you want a quote please give her a call at 970-963-7277.
  Practice cattle/lessons are available at most times.  Cost is $30.00 per person, per hour for up to 6 people.  Prices will be adjusted if more than 6 people are here at the same time.  Just call Heidi and make an appointment.    Heidi can be reached at (970) 724-9402 or at hpcowhorses@yahoo.com

Remember that NO DOGS are allowed at our facility as our insurance will not cover our events with them on our property.  Also, no glass  in the pasture/sorting areas please.

Directions to our place:  From Townsend Avenue, take Main Street West out of town and it will turn into Spring Creek Mesa.  Take Spring Creek Mesa to 6000 Road and turn right, go about 1/4 mile and the first intersection (dirt road) is Miami, IF you have a small trailer (4 horses) and turn in driveway behind the house.  For easier access if you have a long trailer (bigger than a 4 horse) please turn into the driveway by the large 2 story green house.  This driveway is just north of the Miami entrance on 6000 Road.  Parking for the sorting is in the pasture or by the arena. Questions:  call Heidi at (970) 724-9402 or email at hpcowhorses@yahoo.com

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